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Souvenir gifts 

The souvenir is the must have gift of which your loved ones really appreciate and approve. The best souvenir to take back with you would surely be a scene of the natural beauty surrounded here in Maldives.


The souvenir is fully completed by our painters’ creative brush and their artistic ideas; this is what we do.


Our scope

We draw and paint as well as make souvenir items to fulfill the needs of the tourists who visit this resort for a very wonderful holiday.


Tourists are to choose from our stock designs or your own designs like, portrait drawings, paint on coconuts, t shirt paintings, canvas paintings, painting on bottles, glass, wood , etc.

Just the way you want 

We make the designs and paintings the way you choose. The souvenirs will be fully completed in any color you wish with any name or phrase you like on it. It would be our pleasure that you visit us before the end of your holiday.


It’s really important that you take back a souvenir made by Maldivian creative hands after your quality and memorable holiday here. The best thing would be just to make your souvenir item your own design and choice.


Live art

A more significant feature will be ‘live art’ displays where tourists can request to paint what they wish be it themselves, objects or scenery on anything they wish and add any writing they wish as well. This is done by the talented artists at our shop.

Supplying artworks

We customize our artworks the way the clients request. And we supply high quality local paintings and artworks to a number of resorts across the country, including the largest tourist resort Kuredu. We also do live art at Kuredu.

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